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Unique chance to get a picture of yourself made by Chris Floyd

Style journalists Isabelle O'Carroll, Sarah Drinkwater and Caroline No, shot by Chris Floyd for his One Hundred and Forty Characters project


Here’s an nice idea from photgrapher Chris Floyd. He uses his Twitter Followers as models in quiet moments. Another creative idea using this great platform.

A year ago the talented portraitist and filmmaker Chris Floyd faced a fleeting quiet moment, but at the same time his Twitterfollowing was exploding. So, resourcefully, he decided to combine the two. After extending an open invitation to his studio, he began to meet and then photographTwitter connections. The result becameOne Hundred and Forty Characters, a collection of 140 portraits that will be on display at Host in London from 3 to 17 November.

If you missed the cut, don’t despair. Wallpaper has asked Floyd to tailor his concept forWallpaper’s 500,000 Twitter followers. He’s agreed to snap those who visit the Tweet Life pop-up studio at this year’sMultiplied Contemporary Editions Fair atChristie’s, between 14 and 17 October. The sitting is free, and you can purchase your portrait for £10 at the fair. Floyd will then select 140 photographs to appear on at the end of the show.’

Source: Wallpaper


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