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Audi presents: the A1 Quattro @audi_nederland #koodoo

Now this is a nice toy! This car gives you the original ‘pull back toy car’ feeling. It makes you wanna play! This is a great and sportive design.

We like the red details, the phat rims and the black part on the back. Everybody was thinking this car would be named Audi RS1, but now Audi named it A1 Quattro, it’s surprising for this brand. The car will be available next year. Oh, and there will be only 333 made.

“Hey Audi, can we do a test in this car and make a nice video + photo + text review of the A1 Quattro on this blog?” 😉

@ Our readers: What do you think about the design of the Audi A1 Quattro???









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