An unofficial music video for the first single from Superhumanoids forthcoming LP, “Exhibitionists.” Footage is from the 1969 film “Slogan,” starring Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin.

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We like the make up! Would still be a good look these days.

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Some pictures of 9streets Amsterdam and surroundings, to give you an idea how cool this part of Amsterdam is. Worth a walk!

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9streets Amsterdam #koodoo


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Rap coloring > Nicki by numbers #koodoo


Jeremyville began drawing Community Service Announcements as notes to self about navigating day-to-day life. His art has since appeared on shoes, murals, and now Threadless t-shirts. The artist and Jeremyville Executive Creative Director Megan Mair show us what CSAs are all about.

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Stylish cooperation between French bike brand As de Pique and shoemaker Black Dandy. Everything looks very cool and stylish. Well done! We like this style.

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@MysteryGuitarM Mystery Guitar Man BeatBox Clothes Movie + Behind the Scenes


Well done guys! We like it, it is fun to watch. Also check out the other material from Mystery Guitar Man.

The only thing I wonder: Why didn’t they just use a blue cap and a green shirt and screen that with a key? In that way you can choose the fill you want when editing and you don’t have to change shirt and cap every time, and you only have to act and record the various moves.