Movie made by Opslaan Als.

Opslaan Als is the collective name for the creative duo Sander Van driel and Kevin Boitelle who handle everything from creation, production to directing.

Amsterdam ·


Some pictures of 9streets Amsterdam and surroundings, to give you an idea how cool this part of Amsterdam is. Worth a walk!

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9streets Amsterdam #koodoo


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Rap coloring > Nicki by numbers #koodoo

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Slow motion video’s made with the Phantom Flex #koodoo

Rubber bands vs Water Melon

Gav and Dan forgot to bring a knife to the picnic. Thankfully they brought 500 elastic bands. Shot at 1600fps with a Phantom Flex.

Cinnamon Challenge

In case you are wondering what happens when you have a spoon of cinnamon, and how that looks in slow motion, watch this video!

Have a look at all the slow motion movies at their YouTube channel here:

The Phantom Flex high speed camera