Still like this one! Very nice, well done. So timeless.


Stylish cooperation between French bike brand As de Pique and shoemaker Black Dandy. Everything looks very cool and stylish. Well done! We like this style.

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Syndicate all your social media content (and more) with @IFTTT #koodoo


We here at Koodoo Lifestyle think that IFTTT (If This Then That) will be very big and grow on and on. It is a smart online tool to connect your social media platforms and software using so called ‘recipes’.

If you made a smart recipe, you can share it with others. Automatisation will grow, because people will have more and more platforms to maintain, and will use tools like IFTTT to make things easier and save time to do other tasks.

Well done! It is also a very friendly and modern company, situated in San Francisco, so give those people a visit if you’re there.

Here are some smart recipes from Alexander Tibbets. Or, have a look in all shared recipes here.

Have a look at the amazing capabilities in this video (ignore the message at 0:32)


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What bike to ride in 2012??? #koodoo @Electra_Bicycle

You don’t want to be outdated riding your bike next year, so hey, what bike should we ride?

Ok, here we go: For the ladies we recommend this very cool model called ‘Night owl’. Particularly because it’s extended with a very nice line of accessories! And that’s what the ladies like.

And for the fellas we would say the Electra Townie 7D Chocolate. We wouldn’t mind if Electra would send us one for reviewing! 😉