Android, Apple, Windows, Blackberry… We all have our favorite mobile platform. This commercial shows some very recognizable quotes that people say to prove ‘their’ platform is the best. Very funny! 😉

What’s your favorite mobile platform???

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@SenseyeTech – Controlling your smarthone with your eyes #koodoo

Senseye say that eye motion technology will be the next big thing after touch screen technology. We are very curious what this will bring! The technique will be available on mobile phones in 2013.

It will come with mobile anaylytics, providing a heatmap overlay that tells you where people looked at within your website or app area.

Senseye is talking with all big manufacturers, probably a licence for the system will cost 0,50 per device to the manufacturers.

Very interesting!

Have a look at a longer movie where the system is explained more: