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Cool! Swedish band ShoutOutLouds record made of ice

Swedish band the Shout Out Louds have created a limited edition version of their new single Blue Ice as a playable piece of ice.

As the first single to be released from its Optica album, the band created ten boxes, containing a plastic record-shaped mould and a bottle of water. Offered to fans and press, those who got their hands on the boxes could fill the mould and place it in a freezer. Once ready, the piece of ice could be placed on a record player, producing a copy of the single at around 30 percent of its original recorded quality. The following video demonstrates how the ice record works:

Source: Springwise – Original source: Murray Orange

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Slow motion video’s made with the Phantom Flex #koodoo

Rubber bands vs Water Melon

Gav and Dan forgot to bring a knife to the picnic. Thankfully they brought 500 elastic bands. Shot at 1600fps with a Phantom Flex.

Cinnamon Challenge

In case you are wondering what happens when you have a spoon of cinnamon, and how that looks in slow motion, watch this video!

Have a look at all the slow motion movies at their YouTube channel here:

The Phantom Flex high speed camera