@OliverHuntemann – Paranoia (p)review #koodoo

This is definately one of the best dance albums of this year, we’ve been waiting for it! And we can tell you: We are not disappointed. Not at all! We like this album very much. It has the same constant quality and tightness in it as Oliver’s previous albums. What we like most is this kind of threatening sound that comes back in a lot of his tracks. Kind of his trademark. The music has a steady, rough feeling in it, without getting ordinary. Everything is prdoduced with a lot of attention for detail, mixdown and build up. So what are you waiting for, get this album if you like dance music. All you techno, minimal and electronic dance music lovers, this one should be in your collection! The man from Brodersby┬ádid it again…

Paranoia track previews

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