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Today I’ll have a test drive in a @Lamborghini Countach… like it’s 1987! ;-) @OMGFacts

Remember this? When this race game was new, I remember it was one of the first big racing games and the sounds and visuals were amazing in those days. Great to see this back now, it would fit great in a hip music video or something!

Did you know: The meaning of the word ‘Countach’ comes from the Piemontic language, which is spoken in the north west of Italy. The word is used by men when they see a beautiful woman.

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Jumbo comes with a new way of playing traditional games on the iPad: #iPawn

Nice, fishing on the iPad like nevah before!

Jumbo, a traditional dutch company that makes board games etcetera, but still is from all times, now comes with a nice little gift for next christmas: iPawn.

It’s a set of accessories that you buy in the store, combined with some free iPad game apps. Together, it provides a unique new experience in playing traditional games on the iPad. We at KOODOO like this idea very much, we think this might be one of the biggest toy selling hits in december.

There’s a fishing game, Game of Goose, Air Hockey, Snakes & Ladders.

Have fun playing with this! In stores in the Netherlands from half december 2011. The price will be around € 9,99.