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Awesome tablet jacket that looks like a real hardcover book. Very cool and fun. @outofprinttees #koodoo

Kickstarters Todd and Jeff did a great job, it will be produced and available later on. This is a simple but brilliant idea.

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Jumbo comes with a new way of playing traditional games on the iPad: #iPawn

Nice, fishing on the iPad like nevah before!

Jumbo, a traditional dutch company that makes board games etcetera, but still is from all times, now comes with a nice little gift for next christmas: iPawn.

It’s a set of accessories that you buy in the store, combined with some free iPad game apps. Together, it provides a unique new experience in playing traditional games on the iPad. We at KOODOO like this idea very much, we think this might be one of the biggest toy selling hits in december.

There’s a fishing game, Game of Goose, Air Hockey, Snakes & Ladders.

Have fun playing with this! In stores in the Netherlands from half december 2011. The price will be around € 9,99.